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Sheila Michail Morovati

A word from our President and Founder,
Sheila Michail Morovati

Like many busy families, my family used to frequent a kid friendly restaurant in our neighborhood several times a week. At the end of every meal, I would guiltily eye four bright, virtually unused crayons sitting on the table, knowing they shouldn't be tossed in the trash. I started to keep our barely-used crayons, and built up a stash of thirty crayons within a month. As I did the math after noticing that many other families also left their crayons behind, I saw an opportunity to create change, both for the environment and for kids who might not otherwise have access to something many of us take for granted. We hope you will take a moment to learn more about our cause and get inspired to collect crayons in your community.

Sheila Michail Morovati, President and Founder

"Finding Eco -Normal" - An Earth Day Letter From Our Founder

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Director of Communications/ Program Manager

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